jueves, 10 de enero de 2008

Nadie me explicó qué cosa es el DDM (Drug Dealer Mailand???)

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DDM is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:

Drama Downs Massive Stanwell School, Penarth
East German mark, a former currency whose ISO code was DDM
Dharma Drum Mountain, a Buddhist educational foundation
Didymoteicho, a Greek town
Dubbeldeks Materieel, class of trains in the Netherlands#Electric multiple units
Dungeon Dice Monsters, a board game
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game, collectible tactical skirmish game
Difference in the Depth of Modulation An Amplitude Modulation method used in the Instrument Landing System
Doctor of dental medicine, see: Dentist
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring
Direct Digital Manufacturing
Drug Dealer Mailand, a villain in the story Epic Thriller

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